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Consultation Topics

Navigating Your Financial Health, Family Protection, and Wealth Strategies


Financial Need Analysis

Understanding the gaps, priorities as one plans their future.


50:30:20 Budgeting Rule

Determining whether you are financially disciplined.


Life Span of a Person

Understanding the stages in a persons life, key tasks during each stage to accomplish and common fears faced during the income generating period.


Human Value

Calculation of the income / expenses to determine an individuals value to a family.

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Explore a suite of tailored financial services designed to secure your future and optimize your wealth. From comprehensive wealth management to meticulous family protection plans, Vinal De Silva offers the expertise needed to navigate complex financial landscapes with ease.

I’m Vinal De Silva.
I Help People Build Their Future.

From being a Marketing Assistant at a private company to being a Wealth Planning Manager, Vinal De Silva is a hardworking and committed professional.

Professionalism shouldn't be defined by a persons pay-check, role or title. It should be defined by a persons work ethic.

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What Clients Are Saying

"Vinal is such a wonderful person and a great team player. I have worked for many associations and he's the best team mate I have worked with. He was the Vice President at BNI ® Elite during my tenure as the President, and as the founder VP and he was very supportive. Vinal has an amazing ability to get things done. In the Insurance field, his knowledge is unmatchable and due to my busy schedule I asked him to meet with my wife who is a lawyer to pitch a few solutions. She was very impressed after his presentation, and said that he was like a 'Guru of Insurance'! I wish him all the very best for his career!"

DR. Dhanesh R. Jayathilaka

"Vinal is very professional in his work and had provided very valuable advisory for my life insurance. He is always ready to help and go the extra mile to fully understand my financial situation before providing the most appropriate solution. He has been extremely courteous and helpful in his service. He is definitely more than just an ordinary wealth planner. A good wealth planner is hard to find; and an excellent Wealth Planner like Vinal is even more difficult to find. You can only meet Wealth Planners like Vinal by luck, but not by request."

Supun Rajapaksa

"Vinal is an extremely committed and attentive Wealth Planner. He took the time to carefully explain to me how the smart pension policy works, answered every question I had and took all of my requirements into consideration. It was a pleasure dealing with him!"

Maneesha Perera

"Many agents approach us (Insurance, Investment, etc) but all they are interested in is selling the policy and not disclosing all the benefits or options we should consider. I was surprised at the integrity demonstrated which gave me the confidence to invest in the Smart Wealth Management Plan offered."

Jyoti ekanayake

"Met Vinal and got his consultations on wealth planning. Out of many others whom I met, he is extremely professional and helpful. Knows his subject and understands the client well. In my busy schedule, I prefer concise and clear briefing than trying to brainwash me with too many attractive facts... Vinal is such rare and unique professional . Highly recommended absence of influence of any sort."​


"I have met so many insurance agents but he was very different. Provided a very professional service from the first day. He had a vast knowledge about his job. I would recommend his service to anyone who needs a professional service with great care."


"Prompt service, precise advice and an extremely professional yet friendly attitude to complete all transactions and queries with ease. Good knowledge of insurance strategies and worked well on timely matters to adjust plans according to the goals. Highly recommend him as one of the best financial consultants in Sri Lanka."​

Krish Amalean

"Thanks for the patient hours of explaining. Every aspect was very effectively put forward. Kudos for your efficiency & follow-up and very good knowledge of all the products. You really are a good wealth planner because you make the client feel totally at ease."

Sushanya Samarakkody

"Very professional and prompt. Always responds within 10 minutes to any message. Able to clarify any confusions. Step by step makes you understand details of the policy, claims. I’m glad my family selected Vinal as our insurance consultant as wealth manager. I wish him the very best and will continue to be his client."​

Fazana Ibrahim

"I got to know Vinal from our business circle. Unlike many other insurance professionals, Vinal is an expert in wealth management consulting. He was able to provide me thorough understanding on how wealth management works and how I can benefit from it. I highly recommend Vinal for anyone who is looking at managing their wealth and protection."

Sutharshanan Nagaratnam